On 2-3 October, we collaborated with Lufthansa Industry Solutions in Albania to host an insightful two-day training on “Effective Communication & Conflict Management.” The training was prepared and delivered by one of our esteemed coaches, Janine Kleidorfer.

Diving into Effective Communication

The first day of training began with participants reflecting on their understanding of effective communication.

Janine Kleidorfer, using her experience in the field, elaborated on the foundational characteristics of communication. She introduced basic models that illustrated the mechanics of communication, providing participants with a clear framework of how effective communication functions. A significant portion of the session was dedicated to understanding the roots of misunderstandings and the strategies to prevent them. Next, Janine emphasized the profound impact of individual perception on communication and how it can often become a source of misinterpretation.

However, the day wasn’t just about theory. The importance of applying learned concepts was highlighted as participants engaged in various exercises that allowed them to practically experience the principles they learned.

Navigating Through Conflict Management

The following day, the focus shifted to conflict management. Participants had discussions revolving around the different types of conflict. An enlightening exercise made them reflect on the often-overlooked positive aspects of conflicts, making them realize the potential opportunities they offer.

Janine then transitioned into sharing techniques that help prevent conflicts and offer constructive solutions when they arise. A pivotal part of the day’s session was understanding the “7 factors of resilience” and the circles of influence. These concepts provided attendees with tools to take solution-oriented actions, fostering an environment of understanding and cooperation.

The training concluded with Janine offering valuable practical tips on setting and maintaining boundaries, ensuring that all attendees are equipped with comprehensive strategies to foster effective communication and manage conflicts.

After accomplishing another successful training with Janine Kleidorfer, we are looking forward to future collaborations. Stay tuned for our next updates!