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Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling

Mobilize the power hidden in the company’s stories

A two day workshop for you who want to learn the craft of storytelling and obtain tools for construction strong stories.

How do you sell and idea? How do you instill trust, engage an audience, make people remember? One thing is certain; not by facts. People do not need more information – people need something to believe in. We believe in what we see and storytelling is a proven method of creating images and giving life to the abstract. A good story creates meaning in a buzz of logical reasoning. A good story is convincing; tell a story!

Communicating through storytelling is deeply rooted in human nature. For millenniums, we have been trained to listen, learn and remember through stories. Storytelling is a way of visualize what we want to communicate – stories evoke images in our brains that arouses emotions and cause facts to stick. Good stories engage us.

Course Objective

Before the workshop you will select a few areas that you want apply storytelling in. In the workshop you will detect and develop a story that you can use in your communication in meetings, presentations or in writing. We analyse the stories and reflect on how they can be used to strengthen brands and trademarks, build relations and communicate mission, visions and goals of an organisation.

About the Content

  • Storytelling from a scientific perspective
  • Examples of good stories and successful corporate storytelling
  • Draw out your inherent storytelling ability
  • Finding the stories / material for the story
  • Build your story
  • Adding the finishing touch
  • How to communicate the story

Qualification of the lecturers

  • Lena Andersson

Lena is a Swede with a background in Financial Management & Business Administration that works as a Senior Consultant/Trainer and CEO in balkans analysis group. She has over 20 years of professional experience of international development work and has been involved with democratization in many different assignments and places; in Sweden, in countries behind the iron curtain, in weak states in Africa, in war-torn countries like Afghanistan and in devastated countries like Haiti.

Her focus is institutional capacity development in the area of democratization related to anti-corruption, project and organisation management, public financial management, internal control and social entrepreneurship. To fight corruption and strengthen integrity in individuals, processes and organizations is her specialty and close to her heart.

Lena has been affiliated with Linneaus University, Birzeit University in Palestine and the Swedish National Defence College. Lena is a guest lecturer at Malmö University.

Moreover, Lena is a born entrepreneur and change agent and has initiated and managed several businesses with in parallel with her international assignment. She is engaged in sustainability issues such as gender balance and inclusion of marginalized groups into society. Thus, she serves as a strategic advisor to an NGO in Para-sport and as a mentor to an NGO in Ukraine providing support to communities suffering from the ongoing conflict and has worked as project manager for an NGO supporting immigrant women to set up their own business.

  • Susanne Hedin

Ms. Susanne Hedin is a rhetoric and voice coach and trainer. She has more than twenty years of experiences from assignments with private enterprises, public administrative bodies, trade unions, universities and polytechnic schools. Susanne has a degree in logomi (voice and speech therapy with communication focus) from Stockholm University College of Music Education.

Susanne has a background as drama teacher and actress with theatre and drama studies at Stockholm University. Before she started her career as a consultant and trainer in communication she worked as a freelance stage artist in theatre and music performances for over fifteen years.

Some of Susanne’s recent assignments include standard and tailor-made courses in rhetoric, presentation skills and corporate storytelling for Executive MBA at Executive Foundation Lund and workshops in communication skills for staff at Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Axis Communications, Qlik and other international companies. Susanne has, for many years, been engaged in various projects supporting entrepreneurs with their communication skills in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and is a supplier in communication skills for the incubator and accelerator Health Tech Nordic. Moreover, she has recurrent assignments delivering individual coaching in the areas of voice, body language and rhetoric.

Since 2005 she is a lecturer in practical rhetoric at Lund University where she teaches rhetoric students, PhD students and students at the School of Economics and Management.

Susanne is a member of the “Swedish Association of Speech and Voice Practitioners” and co-author of a handbook for university studies “Entrepreneurship and Business start-ups” in 2009.


May 20-21st, 2020
9AM – 5PM


Hilton Garden Inn Tirana, Albania


420 euro(VAT Included)
(Coaching, handouts and materials, certificate, lunch and coffee breaks included)
*Two lecturers, maximum number of 18 participants

Applications close on 20th of March

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