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Demystifying Strategy and Leadership (21/09/18 Tirana)

Demystifying Strategy and Leadership (21/09/18 Tirana)

Every organisation wants to maximize its impact but has limited resources.

How do we make the best choices and priorities in order to focus on doing the right things to reach our vision?

And what kind of leadership is required to encourage innovation and maximum impact?

Join our workshop on the 21st of September, at 09:00 – 17:00 and let Åsa Jarskog help you demystify Strategy and Leadership.

Åsa Jarskog has an MBA from Lund University and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and more than 25 years working experience within Business and Leadership Development in over 50 countries in 5 continents. A skilled trainer and certified coach and a much demanded mentor, working with prominent leaders throughout the world, Åsa is CEO of Global Leadership for Sustainable Development and President of the Swedish Southern African Chamber of Commerce.

Åsa has worked with prominent leaders such as Dalai Lama, Koffi Annan, Klaus Schwab and Nelson Mandela. She has already trained many successful leaders in Georgia.

During the workshop Åsa will help you demystify Strategy and Leadership.

She will cover three of the most important aspect for leaders to consider if they want to develop happy, innovative people and organizations:

• Values-based leadership
• Speed of Trust
• Using your sub-conscious wisdom to reach your goals

At the end of the day you will not only have the tool to effectively lead your organisations towards its most important goals, but also the wisdom and energy to make it happen!
Certificates will be provided.

Cost of participation: 150€ (Lunch and coffee breaks included).
Please send your application before 18th of September.

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