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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Is this familiar to you: Most of the time you only guess what your customers want? You try to find
solutions for your challenges behind closed doors with a team of always the same brains? Yes? If
you want to break out of the hamster wheel, you have to become a design thinker.

Design Thinking is a creative problem and solution finding method. Design Thinking is about a
very strong understanding of human needs as a starting point for innovation and new, value-based ideas. This workshop is hands-on and teaches the most important mind and skill set behind
Design Thinking in a challenge. The challenge and results are then reflected on and options for
use in professional life are discussed.

This design thinking workshop will foster a user-centric mindset and bring in some new tool-sets
for your future meetings and show your team a new creative and relevant approach to problem
solving, which can be used in every day life. This workshop is also about agile teamwork, it breaks
down silos towards an open innovation approach.

Design Thinking workshop teaches creative thinking, which is increasingly seen as a competitive
advantage when applied at a strategic level.


  • Empathy for your target users to find out about their challenges with the basic mindset of
    „human centered design“
  • Ideation, Innovation and problem solving for your own challenge by creating as many ideas as
  • Prototyping and testing by building minimal viable prototypes and testing them with real users
    or relevant people.


Cloed Priscilla Baumgartner (Vienna, Austria) is an innovation manager and serial entrepreneur in
the fields of the Creative Industries Austria.
Her mentoring and training approach is based on her lifelong experience in various fields of
creative business design.
In recent years, she has specialized on crowdfunding and impact funding. She coached over 400
project starters and developed the accelerator program “crowdfunders’ hub” on this topic. She is
lecturer at various Austrian Universities and Institutes.

More about the lecturer: LinkedIn


9:00 AM- 5:00 PM


Hilton Garden Inn





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