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Escape 2020 Edition

Escape 2020 Edition

How do we make the best choices and priorities in order to focus on doing the right things to reach our vision? And what kind of leadership is required to encourage innovation and maximum impact?

From Kilimanjaro’s summit via the Swedish midnight sun to the Albanian Highlands just above the Ionian riviera.

Welcome to join this exclusive once in a lifetime physical and mental journey, bringing your leadership to the next level.

The training methods have been designed to reach maximum learning by anchoring the learnings in your head, body and spirit. An interactive combination of lectures, exercises, meditation, hiking and bonding will give you a complete, long lasting learning experience and a memory for life.

Join our 3 days and 2 nights for a mindfully curated experience in beautiful  and remote locations in the beautiful Albanian Nature. During the journey Åsa will help you demystify Strategy and Leadership.

The training will cover three of the most important aspect for leaders to consider if they want to develop happy, innovative people and organizations:

  • Values-based leadership
  • Speed of Trust
  • Using your sub-conscious wisdom to reach your goals

At the end of this journey you will not only have the tool to effectively lead your organisations towards its most important goals, but also the wisdom and energy to make it happen!

About Åsa Jarskog

Åsa Jarskog has an MBA from Lund University and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, and almost 30 years working experience within Business and Leadership Development in over 50 countries in 5 continents. A skilled trainer and certified coach and a much demanded mentor, working with prominent leaders throughout the world, Åsa is CEO of Global Leadership for Sustainable Development and President of the Swedish Southern African Chamber of Commerce.

Åsa has worked with prominent leaders such as Dalai Lama, Koffi Annan, Klaus Schwab and Nelson Mandela, and has trained many successful leaders in Albania. She regularly conducts leadership expeditions in various parts of the world where hiking, meditation and yoga are integrated. She has climbed several mountains worldwide, including the Kilimanjaro twice.

Learn more about Åsa:  LinkedIn


September 25-26-27th, 2020


Tourist Village Llogora
Vlore, Albania


580 euro (VAT Included)
All inclusive (Training, Hiking, meditation, transportation included from Tirana – Llogora and back, hotel, all meals, certificates)

Exclusive Event
Limited number of participants


In the Albanian Highlands just above the Ionian riviera. Llogora Tourist VIllage is a resort located at Llogara National Park at an altitude of 800 meters from sea level and just 20 minutes car ride from the beach. Watch clouds descending onto the mountain, shepherds on the plains guiding their herds, and thick forests where deer, wild boar and wolves roam in this mountainside national park high above the Albanian Riviera.

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