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How we demystified Strategy and Leadership

How we demystified Strategy and Leadership

Network Tribe organized its first workshop with Asa Jarskog, Swedish mentor for leadership, on 21st of September.

Asa is a unique mentor, with a long experience of over 25 years in Business and Leadership Development in over 50 countries and in 5 continents. Her extraordinary methods of training and sharing experiences fascinated all the participants, she created an open environment where everyone felt comfortable enough to participate and share their own experiences.

Åsa also shared her experience with prominent leaders such as Dalai Lama, Koffi Annan, Klaus Schwab and Nelson Mandela. She also shared her mentoring with other successful leaders in Georgia, Sweden, Africa and Albania.

This workshop was held at the premises of Hilton Hotel, which an added value of this program since everything was perfect in details.

Demystify Strategy and Leadership was focused in three pillars: Different Types of leadership, Values, Trust and Communication methods.

Asa brought in our attention a new approach of leading which is different from traditional ways of leadership focused on hierarchy. She highlighted the importance of Values and started this workshop by identifying the values of each participant through and instrument Tree of Values. Then she used some cases and exercises to explain how to lead with people that share the same values and different values with us.

An important highlight part of the values pillar was also Trust, we learned through each other that we need to give the benefit of doubt. Another strategic issue that we covered were the methods of communication how to emphasize each other’s values and criticize.

At last after she gained their trust and with the permission of each person in this workshop she did a short meditation process which was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Opinions from the participants:

This workshop was presented in a very authentic way. We had the possibility to really reflect on leadership and strategy from a new point of view, demystifying both of the concepts of leadership strategy.

It was more than my expectations, it was not only about management and leadership, it was like a lesson that shows the strength of the values of the individual

Meditation was interesting as it was quite effective, while there were some interesting topics such as the U theory.

It made clear the difference between boss and leader, taking the burden and responsibility on yourself; leading through own example and not words.

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