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Objective Key Results (OKR) – Tailor Made Only

Objective Key Results (OKR) – Tailor Made Only

“When you try to do something BIG, you never entirely fail” –Larry Page, Google founder and successful investor.

Target group

Directors/General Managers, Vice Directors, Line Managers, Sales Managers and Specialized Staff across the company.


This course is a non-traditional fast learning course approach. During the course we implement OKR for the customer.


As a leading management methodology OKR helps companies focusing on their key challenges and opportunities. It goes within, then, that OKR optimizes the collaborative structures in the company – horizontally, vertically, cross-functional and hence, strengthen people’s competencies.

In its simplest form a company’s Purpose/Mission is all about the ”WHY”.

Visions and Objectives are all about the “WHAT”. No more. No less.

The realization of Key Results is all about the ”HOW”.


No company – small or big will make it fast enough – great enough without consistently using OKR.

  • The Intel Corporation became part of the global elite being one of the best governed private corporations in the history of USA due to OKR. Intel is globally the 2nd largest semiconductor manufacturer after Samsung.
  • Google applied OKR when it was a 20 people company operating from their Menlo Park garage late 1990s, by the way after considerable investments from a venture capitalist from Intel Corporation.
  • OKR works far better than MBO methodologies when your organization strive to become more agile and to transform faster e.g.: in
    • a stronger customer base, customer relationship and customer engagement,
    • applying technologies and deepen their IP portfolio,
    • developing better services etc.

OKR is all about setting audacious objectives – for everyone, every member of the C-suite, every SVP and VP, every senior manager, every middle manager, every team leader and team member in a fully transparent way. Transparent Objectives. Fully transparent Key Results – and fully transparent reporting, reporting systems and feedback and reward methodologies. Nevertheless, some Objects may be non-disclosable – for the reasons of competition. Apart from that OKR is an absolute journey into transparency and clarity about roles, tasks, results, feedback, learning and creating a winning culture.

The benefits of OKR                           

“OKRs allowed us to be ambitious and disciplined at the same time.” ‐ Bill Gates.

 When implemented OKR increases the company’s agility, readiness to respond to changes and readiness to change the game. Furthermore, OKR allows companies to increase the value for the customers while increasing productivity and effectively. When done right, OKR adds a better frontline autonomy to your people for them to strengthen (incremental) innovations around customer needs. At the top level in the organizations OKR strengthen strategic innovations due to faster and better learning and improved abilities to execute. Finally, objectives are not carved in stone. They are to be changed as fast as possible and based on fast learning. After all, there’s no need to hold stubbornly to an outdated projection—strike it from your list and move on. Your goals are servants to your purpose, not the other way around.

HOW to work with OKR?

The course comes in 3 steps:


Prior to the course, the course is tailor-made with outcome & content definitions and with relevant key cases from the client. To secure smooth operations an NDA is mutually signed. Hence, we can focus on relevance, ambition and value.

B. Execution

During the course we define the right objects and key results at relevant participant levels including a roadmap to implementing OKR efficiently in the company. This includes efficient governance for decision making, communication and reporting, follow up and acknowledgement. In short we work with the following 5 core elements:

  1. Assessing your goal and result methodologies today for strengths and weaknesses. This is based on real tasks, projects, deliveries in the company.
  2. Defining OKR for your organization based on corporate core objectives.
  3. Defining OKR for top-level managers, management teams, team leaders and team-members.
  4. A roadmap for implementing OKR incl. the tools to be used. This includes a roadmap for:
  • Communication
    • Alignment
  • Feedback
    • Reporting
    • Coaching
  • Reward
    • Reward & compensation metrics redefined
  1. Leadership coaching methodologies for implementation.


C.Follow up

Approximately one month after the course has ended, the participants partake in virtual skype/zoom meetings with the course provider to:

  • Overcome barriers against a full OKR implementation.
  • To operate a clear roadmap to fully implement OKR at the relevant levels and for relevant teams.
  • To apply the best management/coaching practices during implementation
  • To build-operate-asses well performing meeting cycles in the organization
  • To assess and improve structures and processes in the organization

Course objectives

  • Experience the power of OKR as a powerful, focused and agile way of working with goal setting and goal realization.
  • Learn how to use OKR as a foundation for building a winning company culture.
  • Learn how to improve leadership and management Communication skills.
  • Learn how to improve company feedback and follow up methods by better applying metrics, reporting and decision-making procedures.
  • Learn how to implement clear, consistent, transparent reward and compensation metrics and implement them as attractive!

Key Results

That the participants have defined relevant and ambitious OKR’s based on core company objectives. Examples could include:

  • Top- and Bottom-line Growth
  • Innovation Growth
  • Productivity Growth
  • Efficiency Realization
  • Customer Loyalty Growth
  • Brand Recognition Growth

Course methodologies

During the course presentations, teamwork, individual tasks, pitching, coaching, OKR corrections etc. are efficiently applied. In other words, the format is dynamic and optimized to accelerate learning and to secure application of the acquired knowledge immediately after the course.


When Course Formats fail to deliver value for customers, there are several reasons, e.g.:

  1. The key success objectives of the training are not clearly defined, aligned and communicated between customer and course provider.
  2. The course provider did a bad job.
  3. The course program was to abstract, or tool focused and didn’t fit the customer’s everyday company practices.
  4. The definition of what success looks like when the participants are back home practicing their learning was not well enough defined and implemented in the organization, so when participants return, they return to business as usual and their acquired knowledge acquired becomes obsolete.


We simply secure a high course value by running a rigorous and very ambitions process before, during and after the course in close collaboration with the customer and in a very engaging way for the participants.

Qualification of the lecturer, Erik Kristiansen

Erik Kristiansen is the founder of the consultancy “BRAINS” situated in central Copenhagen, Denmark. BRAINS deliver Accelerated Innovation and Learning programs to large and medium sized private and public companies in Asia, EU and Africa. BRAINS has worked with strategic change programs together with global companies like Bakrie Brothers, Google, Grundfos, Novozymes, Orsted (global No1 in offshore wind), Samsung, Siemens, Vestas, Vodafone etc. and incorporated more than 30 universities including MIT and Cambridge in their tasks. Erik Kristiansen received the best Industry-University innovation award in 2014 in Denmark – and his 2012 & 2013 Innovation Camps in Shanghai was chosen to officially represent Danish-Chinese innovation collaboration during Denmark’s official state visit to China in 2014. Erik Kristiansen has worked with 9 different ambassadors on change programs in Asia, EU and Africa. Finally, Erik has for 2,5 years been a mentor for Finnish, German and African startups in accelerator programs allowing him to experience the challenges and opportunities smaller companies have in scaling up.


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