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Boost Your Business Growth with Digital Marketing

Boost Your Business Growth with Digital Marketing


In this workshop you will learn how to plan and bring to action a digital marketing campaign without the help of Marketing agencies.

From marketing goals setting, to results evaluations, passing by planning, creating content and publishing it on the ideal social media, we will discuss the best strategies to bring your campaign online to increase the visibility of your business.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You run a small business and want to grow your presence online
  • You work for a SME willing to target clients via social media
  • You are a freelance and want to launch your personal brand online
  • If you think that Digital Marketing can be helpful in your current situation


This workshop is not for you if:

  • You have a Marketing Department applying Digital Marketing strategies already
  • You don’t believe in the power of social media


Work method

  • Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises
  • Q & A



  • Workbook
  • Powerpoint presentation



  • To define goals and marketing objectives
  • To identify and apply appropriate marketing strategies
  • To know your ideal customer and the best way to communicate with him/her
  • To create and upload valuable content

Qualification of the lecturer

Vera Diana Gonçalves is an expert in business and digital marketing, mentor and women´s coach. As the founder of the online platform Coach by Vera, she has developed a method to help women to become successful entrepreneurs and to grow their businesses.

With a degree in International Business and Languages from the Rotterdam Business School, University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Vera started an international path in business.

After the Netherlands, she has lived in Brazil and Colombia, developing businesses in the real estate industry. While living in Mexico, she had developed a project in the educational area together with the Spanish Embassy and she had participated in other private investment projects in Paris and Portugal.

In 2018, Vera decided to return to her home country and a few months later, after identifying the need of support in business for the female market, decided to create Coach by Vera. The online coaching platform is completely dedicated to Portuguese women who want to be entrepreneurs and women who already are entrepreneurs but seek for guidance in order to grow their businesses. Her method, Empreendedora.PT, is a 12 week plan, where she takes women by the hand individually and helps them find the right path for her business.


Today, Vera also runs the Global Woman Club Lisbon and runs her own restaurant.


April 23-24th, 2020


Hilton Garden Inn
Tirana, Albania


320 euro (VAT Included)
(handouts and materials, certificate, lunch and coffee breaks included)

Applications close on March 22nd, 2020

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