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Presenting and Convincing

Presenting and Convincing

Get your message across and become a more skillful presenter

A two day training in presentation skills and practical rhetoric that will provide you with useful tools by practical training and effective feedback. Being able to convey your messages in a clear and appealing way is a key success factor
when you are speaking at internal meetings, making customer presentations or delivering
trainings. Whether you are informing, lecturing or selling, you need to get your message across to your audience. This course will give you the tools and teach you the craft needed to succeed in that. The course is based on both the classic rhetoric and modern
communication research.

Course Objective
You will gain knowledge om how to structure your presentations and formulated clear
messages. The course will provide several opportunities for you to try out and train on
these techniques in presentations and performances that will be video recorded. You will
receive plenty of personal feedback and advice both orally and documented which will
allow you to become a better speaker.

After taking this course you will become more confident and engaging when presenting.
You will have received insights in how to communicate with clarity and conviction and
how to capture the listeners’ attention and interest.

About the Content
• Basic rhetorical strategies
• Effective preparations
• Framing and structuring a presentation
• Making strong introduction
• Convey facts comprehensively
• Create trust and connect with the audience
• Body language
• Speech and articulation
• Technical aids – pitfalls and opportunities

Qualification of the lecturer

Ms. Susanne Hedin is a rhetoric and voice coach and trainer. She has more than twenty years of experiences from assignments with private enterprises, public administrative bodies, trade unions, universities and polytechnic schools. Susanne has a degree in logomi (voice and speech therapy with communication focus) from Stockholm University College of Music Education.
Susanne has a background as drama teacher and actress with theatre and drama studies at Stockholm University. Before she started her career as a consultant and trainer in communication she worked as a freelance stage artist in theatre and music performances
for over fifteen years.
Some of Susanne’s recent assignments include standard and tailor-made courses in rhetoric, presentation skills and corporate storytelling for Executive MBA at Executive Foundation Lund and workshops in communication skills for staff at Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Axis Communications, Qlik and other international companies. Susanne has, for many years, been engaged in various projects supporting entrepreneurs with their communication skills in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and is a supplier in communication skills for the incubator and accelerator Health Tech Nordic.
Moreover, she has recurrent assignments delivering individual coaching in the areas of voice, body language and rhetoric.
Since 2005 she is a lecturer in practical rhetoric at Lund University where she teaches rhetoric students, PhD students and students at the School of Economics and Management.
Susanne is a member of the “Swedish Association of Speech and Voice Practitioners” and co-author of a handbook for university studies “Entrepreneurship and Business start-ups” in 2009.
Susanne’s mother tongue is Swedish, she is fluent in English and also speaks French.




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Tirana, Albania


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