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Conflict Management

2-Day Workshop

Projects bring together people with different interests from different departments, hierarchical levels, and companies. Interpersonal tensions and conflicts prevent the progress of the project and cost everyone involved time and energy. Learn how to resolve conflicts constructively and use them as a development opportunity for yourself and your project. The participants develop a common understanding of the term “conflict”. They know methods to identify conflicts at an early stage and to analyze different types of conflicts. They reflect on their behavior in conflict situations and develop alternative courses of action for everyday project life based on practical cases. That is why we have brought the Conflict Management program.

Target Group

Specialists and managers or employees who:

  • are actively involved in projects as managers, team members or assistants
  • have project management experience and want to deepen their social skills
  • aim for a project management function


  • Identify, analyze and de-escalate conflicts at an early stage.
  • Analyze your own conflict behavior and apply constructive behavioral
  • Expand your social skills as a project manager with a skill that is crucial for the
    success of projects.

About the Trainer

Janine Kleidorfer is a senior business consultant as well as a professional trainer and coach. During her career she has had experience in Project Management & Leadership Coaching and Training, Human Resource Development and Executive Education. She is a certified Systemic Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach as well as a professional SCRUM Master. She specializes in many industries such as: service industry, retail, automotive, health care, education, and civil service. Check out her personal coaching programs here.

Program Contents

  • Conflict detection and prevention
  • Dealing with difficult project situations
  • Escalation strategies for project managers