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How do Banks Analyze Your Company


Interested in how banks operate? Do you want to improve your skills to assess the financial strength of companies? After finishing the “How Banks Analyze Your Company” program, all participants should be able to:

  • Systematically judge the operating and financial strength by using a 10-step approach
  • Judge a business plan, especially when a company is facing financial difficulties
  • Predict future cash flows and assessing a credit risk rating by hand

Target Group

“How do Banks Analyze Your Company” workshop is created for professionals interested in how banks monitor the financial performance of companies. You will enjoy the clear explanations, the personal attention whenever necessary, and the real-life examples. It is exciting and fun.


The morning session of Day 1 will be used to refresh knowledge, especially about cash flows. Thereafter, each morning and afternoon session will be spent on a case, applying a five-step learning process:

  1. A classroom introduction into the case
  2. Read and consider each case on your own
  3. Share your ideas with your team (+/- 5 participants)
  4. Discuss the case in the class
  5. Reflect on how your initial ideas changed


The goal is to help you judge the level & stability of future cash flows of a company and to assess its creditworthiness. The following subjects are needed to make this judgment and will be covered in the workshop:

  • Drafting an industry analysis
  • Assessing management quality and reliability of financial information
  • Identifying warning signals in the cash flow statement
  • Measuring the debt burden
  • Judging liquidity
  • Preparing a financial projection to assess future cash flow quality
  • The impact of the corporate strategy and business plans
  • Assessing a risk rating by hand (=not by computer)

About the trainer

Erik de Jong has worked at ING Bank for 22 years in the area of international credit risk management as a full-time trainer, manager, and analyst. Since 2010, he has been a freelance trainer and has worked with professionals worldwide.