mindful leadership

Mindful Leadership

with Janine Kleidorfer

Accelerated work speed, massive work compression, high complexity of tasks and increasing uncertainty create pressure and often obscure the view of the essentials. The complexity of social interaction is also increasing. The question of the deeper meaning and coexistence in a high-performance society and in high-performance teams is becoming more and more frequent. The principle of “mindfulness” supports the achievement of clarity in thinking, feeling and acting. “Mindful Leadership” is the basis for meeting the new challenges in everyday management. This training shows how a new kind of leadership can emerge and develop.

Target Group

  • Executives
  • Team and Project Manager
  • Human Resources Managers


  • You will learn methods and techniques to concentrate on the essentials.
  • You will train to perceive your own emotions and needs and to relate them to your resources and stress limits.
  • You will expand your skills in clear, appreciative and goal-oriented communication.
  • You strengthen the serenity and resilience within the framework of your tasks and requirements.

About the Trainer

Janine Kleidorfer is a senior business consultant as well as a professional trainer and coach. During her career she has had experience in Project Management & Leadership Coaching and Training, Human Resource Development and Executive Education. She is a certified Systemic Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach as well as a professional SCRUM Master. She specializes in many industries such as: service industry, retail, automotive, health care, education, and civil service. Check out her personal coaching programs here.

Program Contents

  • Mindfulness in dealing with myself and others
  • Self-management and self-regulation
  • Stress dimensions and stress resilience
  • Approaches and development of emotional leadership skills Individual and identity-based understanding of leadership