training mindfulness in the workplace

Training Mindfulness in the Workplace

with Janine Kleidorfer

A lot of work causes stress! It doesn’t have to be that way. Appointments, hustle and bustle and no time for yourself? More and more people are looking for a way out of the stress and burnout trap and feel addressed by the powerful possibilities for change that are possible through mindfulness-based procedures. TAA is a professional, highly effective and ideologically neutral method for stress and burnout prophylaxis in the workplace. In this training you will learn to counteract the stress where it arises. The training mobilizes your inner resources and supports you in maintaining your health balance on your own responsibility. It enables you to apply the practices of mindfulness profitably for yourself and your professional work.

Target Group

Employees and managers who want to maintain and improve their performance and well-being.


  • You can concentrate and relax better.
  • You strengthen your self-confidence, recognize your own limits and also allow yourself to stand up for them.
  • You recognize your own thought patterns, react more consciously and calmly and can thus better deal with stress situations. In this way, you meet yourself and others appropriately and appreciatively.

About the Trainer

Janine Kleidorfer is a senior business consultant as well as a professional trainer and coach. During her career she has had experience in Project Management & Leadership Coaching and Training, Human Resource Development and Executive Education. She is a certified Systemic Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach as well as a professional SCRUM Master. She specializes in many industries such as: service industry, retail, automotive, health care, education, and civil service. Check out her personal coaching programs here.

Program Contents

  • Timeout exercises suitable for everyday use (e.g. mindful relaxation and body awareness, breathing and movement exercises)
  • Timeout impulses to promote self-responsibility
  • Questions about self-reflection