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Selling & Negotiating – One of the biggest added values of a company (Module 1)

Selling & Negotiating – One of the biggest added values of a company (Module 1)


After the training you will be able to sell more systematically, professionally and successfully. That means,

  • to apply the basics of sales communication in your daily work
  • to constantly analyse your chances in the strategic selling process (see last page)
  • to canvass new customers, projects and additional business more efficiently and successfully
  • to lead every sales negotiation
  • to lead the rethorical power struggle with the help of the behaviour-analysis
  • to prepare every customer negotiation effficiently and systematically
  • to close a canvassing negotiation successfully



Digital preparation with the worldwide unique Augustoni App

1st day

  • Basics of sales communication
    • thinker-memory behaviour
    • communication levels,
    • interactional analysis (power struggling)
  • Rethorical self-analysis
  • Mastering professionally the most frequent daily objections
  • Types of negotiations
  • The pro-active strategic selling process

2nd day

  • Canvassing negotiations
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Interaction between pro-active strategic selling process & negotiation strategy
  • The importance of the strategic questions
  • The different kind of topcis in the analysis
  • The efficient preparation with objectives for every negotiation
  • Closings in the first canvassing negotiation
  • Personal action plan


Digital follow-up with the worldwide unique Augustoni App

Strategic Selling Process

Trainer: Bruno Augustoni

Your Host

  • is an expert in communication & sales
  • supports companies worldwide for more than 35 years and speaks several languages
  • focuses on sustainable implementation into practice with his unique digital smartphone learning (Augustoni App)
  • combines in a unique way the strategic selling process and the negotiation strategy with professional behavior in single & team selling
  • lives passionately what he communicates
  • is Swiss and Italian
  • loves people, cultures, music and reading


9:00 AM-6:00 PM

 June 24-25th, 2020


Hilton Garden Inn
Tirana, Albania


420 euro (VAT Included)
(handouts, certificate, lunch and coffee breaks, Augustoni App follow up included)
*12 participants Only


Applications will be accepted until April 2nd, 2020

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