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Strategic Planning & Implementation

Strategic Planning & Implementation


This intensive one-day course handles a range of key components in strategy building – from market dynamics to internal capacities – in the search for balancing the outside dynamics with the inside. During the day we look at different strategy models to reveal their pros and cons – and to understand their dynamics and how they create results compared to the capacity and the skills needed to follow the models. Furthermore, we discuss market dynamics and how they affect your choice of strategy – and how to implement and operate your strategy. As a important part of this we focus on Objectives and Key Results, agile working methodologies, objective and strategy assessment and innovation accounting. Finally, we dive into the organization and focus on implementation constraints clustered around handling of people and resources. During the day we use tasks to solve approaches to make your learning hands on – and to have joint reflections beneficial for choosing your strategy approach.

During the course we touch upon key drivers for strategy implementation and – execution, e.g.:

  • Different strategy models, their dynamics and results. Model fit for your company.
  • Outside the company – Market dynamics:
    • Disruption means risks and opportunities – how to handle it.
    • Exponential organizations with transformative purposes are better at scaling – enabling them to create more efficient platforms, software engines and automated abilities (push driven development)!
    • Furthermore, objectives and key results targeting better user-/customer need fulfilment combined with technologies to “mass customize” means unique fit for all (pull driven development)!
  • Inside the Company – Organizational dynamics:
    • Company culture, organization, managerial dilemmas, governance models, people and resources
    • Smart governance of the company’s project portfolio – waterfalling and/or prototyping?
    • Balancing risks and opportunities in strategy building and execution!
  • The exponential organization – merging the outside world with the inside

Outcomes from participating

  1. You acquire good business development and strategy theory and practice – hand in hand – during this intensive 1 day
    training and workshop.
  2. Your participation and training will enable you to significantly improve your abilities to build – implement – and adjust
    strategies given your company’s internal strenghts and weaknesses – and the market threats and opportunities.
  3. You will be part of a professional training network for you to use for coaching and mentoring – and to discuss your own approaches.
  4. You will improve your personal leadership abilities.

Qualification of the lecturer, Erik Kristiansen

Erik Kristiansen is the founder of the consultancy “BRAINS” situated in central Copenhagen, Denmark. BRAINS deliver Accelerated Innovation and Learning programs to large and medium sized private and public companies. BRAINS has worked with strategic change programs together with global companies like Bakrie Brothers, Google, Grundfos, Novozymes, Orsted (global No1 in offshore wind), Samsung, Siemens, Vestas etc. and incorporated more than 30 universities including MIT and Cambridge in their tasks. Erik Kristiansen received the best Industry-University innovation award in 2014 in Denmark – and his 2012 & 2013 Innovation Camps in Shanghai was chosen to officially represent Danish-Chinese innovation collaboration during Denmark’s official state visit to China in 2014. Erik Kristiansen has worked with 8 different ambassadors on change programs in Asia, EU and Africa. Finally, Erik has for 2,5 years been a mentor for Finnish, German and African startups allowing him to follow the challenges and opportunities smaller companies have in scaling up.


March 14, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Hilton Garden Inn
Tirana, Albania


150 euro
(lunch and coffee breaks included)

Applications close on Thu, March 07, 2019

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