Our clients on their success stories

Sales and Negotiations – with Bruno Augustoni

“The method of Mr. Augustoni is situational, practical, but also gives an overview of where you stand in the sales process. It provides discipline.”

Gjergji Guri, CEO


“I have found myself using the reinforcing signals and open questions quite more often during the communication with the customers.”

Enjel Dervishllari, Account Manager


“The methodology and the new techniques are the ones that make a difference. This training gives you a very good view and knowledge of how you can apply this at your work.”

Ilsa Kasimati, Account Manager


“Mr. Augustoni was the highlight of this training. The way he structured it was very engaging and we connected with him on a deeper level.”

Jola Sulaj, Account Manager


Inner Development Goals Workshop – with Asa Jarskog

“The method was very personal and very easily approachable. It was different from every other training I have participated in previously.”

Jona Njo├žko, Human Resources Manager & Integrity Officer

Porsche Albania

“For me the workshop was very inspiring. It was not the usual training. Asa came with a very interesting method and she made us feel present in the workshop.”

Andronira Burda, Visiting Student Research Collaborator

Princeton University

“I did not expect to have this kind of feeling and experience. It was beyond the expectations because of the way Asa made us feel.”

Orelda Nanaj, Human Resources Manager


“This workshop was very comfortable and it gave us the necessary calmness to get to know ourselves further.”

Ervis Goga, Sales Manager

Vodafone Business

Design Thinking – with Dr. Chris Archer-Brown

“I like that Chris brings his academic and practical experience into the training very well.”

Anisa Tahiraj, Head of Retail Risk Sector

“This training was a pretty good one and at the end it fulfilled my expectations.”

Redi Martiri, Head of Department Product Design, Retail

“At the end of the training I really learned to put the customer in the center of every decision.”

Anisa Xhaxhiu, Head of Segmentation and Customer Satisfaction Unit

“The best part of the training was that Dr. Chris understood the audience and he broke down the concepts for us to understand.”

Ledja Dhima, Manager of Business Development at Corporate Division