In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is important to be equipped with not only technical skills but also soft skills. They are essential for personal and professional growth and are highly valued by employers. The Lufthansa Industry Solutions team in Albania understands the significance of these skills. Therefore, last week we organized for them a 2-day training program, which focused on Time Management and Communication. The training was conducted by Janine Kleidorfer, an expert trainer with 15 years of experience working in HR, and project management.

This training was personalized and designed specifically for the LHIND team’s needs and requests after a long time of discussions and preparations. Participants were leaders from different departments such as HR, Finance, and Marketing. The sessions were interactive and engaging, allowing them to apply the concepts practically. Janine Kleidorfer’s vast knowledge and expertise helped all of them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the two areas and implement techniques to improve their skills.

Emphasizing Time Management

During the first day, the focus was entirely on time management. Janine emphasized the importance of setting priorities, avoiding procrastination, and managing distractions. She presented several techniques regarding target setting, setting priorities depending on emergency and importance, task planning, and how to deal with interruptions. Participants were separated into groups of two or three and worked on these techniques in order to find which would be most suitable to increase their efficiency in the real projects they have at work. They also got to create a personal roadmap. By the end of the first day they started to have a clearer idea on some of the techniques they would like to try and implement in their teams.

Importance of Communication

During the second day, the focus was on communication both verbal and non-verbal. The session started with a discussion on active listening and practicing it in group exercises. Next, it continued with solution-oriented questioning in order to improve communication within teams. Lastly, the focus was on conflict prevention and how to put those techniques into practice.
We were glad to see that the feedback for the Time Management and Communication training was positive and cannot wait for future collaborations.
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