As part of Network Tribe’s commitment to fostering professional connections and promoting learning opportunities, we started hosting exclusive networking events. These events provide a platform for our trainers to present themselves and their programs, while also giving professionals in Albania the chance to connect. ¬†We invite HR managers, L&D managers, CEOs, and leaders from some of the main companies in Albania and provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the trainers and their programs.

The most recent networking event, held in March, featured Asa Jarskog, who presented her ESCAPE (training retreat), Value-Based Leadership, and Inner Development Goals program.  Participants came from various companies in Albania showing keen interest in the programs and engaging in meaningful discussions with Asa. It was a successful event that highlighted the value of networking and knowledge sharing.

Due to this success, we decided that this month we will have another event with not one but two trainers on April 25th. Dr. Chris Archer Brown will present his Design Thinking program, while Janine Kleidorfer will provide a sneak peek into all her programs. This will be an excellent opportunity for professionals to gain insights into their methods and assess their suitability for their company’s learning and development needs.

At Network Tribe, we are committed to hosting more of these exclusive networking events in the upcoming months, as we believe in the immeasurable value they bring to professionals in Albania. It is our unwavering dedication to fostering meaningful connections, promoting continuous learning, and facilitating professional growth that sets us apart. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events!