During this week we hosted the online, 4-day Financial Planning program with Erik De Jong. It was one of the new programs that we presented this season with our new trainer Erik De Jong. For 22 years, he worked in the area of international credit risk management as a full-time trainer, manager, and analyst at ING Bank. Now he focuses on sharing his expertise as an external consultant to the House of Training Luxembourg / ATTF. That is why we decided to bring him and his programs to Albania.

What did the Financial Planning program consist of?

During four days, Erik and the participants focused on cash flow and credit risk analysis. The whole program was very interactive and everything was explained through real-life inspiring case studies. The participants were financial professionals from different companies in Albania. They worked individually through the case studies and later were engaged in lively discussions with the trainer and one another. It was a great way to correlate different issues from global firms, with their own everyday experiences in their jobs. In the end, the suggestions made by Erik made them reflect on their initial opinions.

What's next?

After a successful first experience with Erik De Jong, we are excited about the next program provided by him for Network Tribe. In December we will host a 3-day in-person workshop “Finance for Non-Financial Executives”. This program is for all those executives who want to read & understand financials better, judge business plans, predict future cash flows, and assess credit risk.

We are positive that the Financial Planning program will return once again in the near future. So, stay tuned for our next announcements!