Training retreats, otherwise known as corporate retreats, are one of the best ways to boost staff morale and encourage team building. It is the time when work functions and relaxation combine. Employees have the opportunity to learn something new, share, bond, and unify with one another. And that was the case for two companies: Twig and Orion Construction.

Training retreats at Network Tribe

Being an international company, the Twig team decided to participate in an Escape designed for them by Network Tribe. It was the first time they got together for an experience of this kind in the South of Albania. As for Orion Construction, they had their retreat in Durres. It was also the first time for them to be altogether outside of work. During this journey, we worked to unlock each individual’s full potential. The main goal was to build on the strengths of each individual so that the Twig team could work with the creation of common values. They participated in interactive exercises, coaching sessions, reflective exercises, yoga, and meditation. A highlight of this retreat was the Value-Based Leadership exercise, where the team worked from the bottom-up on organizational values and led through values.

So, why training retreats are great for your company?

Working as a team can increase effectiveness and can create a positive work environment. Corporate retreats offer a great chance to host many team-building exercises that can allow the entire company to bond and create a sense of community at work. Another reason why these events are important is to avoid burnout. Sometimes, when work and life are unbalanced, employees can feel overwhelmed. Retreats can help to combat this by providing employees with an event that promotes relaxation for them. If this retreat happens regularly, it also gives employees something for them to look forward to and work towards.
So, to facilitate an environment for team bonding and boost productivity, a retreat can be a great option for you.

What can we offer at Network Tribe?

At Network Tribe, we have created the ESCAPE. It is an exclusive training package for your team, designed to reach maximum learning by incorporating your head, body, and spirit. It is an interactive combination of communication, exercises, meditation, and bonding that will give you a complete, long-lasting learning experience and a memory for life. ESCAPE emphasizes the importance of the wisdom and energy of each individual on your team.