Last week we had the pleasure to meet up with our amazing trainer Åsa Jarskog in Tirana and host two great events. The first one was an ESCAPE workshop with Raiffeisen Bank Albania and in the second one, we invited HR representatives from different companies in Albania for an exclusive free ESCAPE mini-workshop.

ESCAPE mini-workshop with Asa Jarskog

ESCAPE mini-workshop with Asa Jarskog

The Raiffeisen Bank Albania Workshop

The event with Raiffeisen Bank Albania was the start of a pilot project in which Åsa introduced the Inner Development Goals (IDGs). This method aims to work with science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. For the whole Raiffeisen group, it was very interesting as they only had trained on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before and this was a totally new approach. It was great to see that they were very open to this method which is actually the fundamental framework to reach SDGs.

The Free ESCAPE Mini-Workshop

The next event was very exclusive as we invited HR managers and leaders from different companies that we have worked with before. Åsa gave them a sneak peek of what we usually do in our ESCAPEs with interactive training, exercises, and meditation. In addition, they were also presented with IDGs and started working on a personal level at first. We were glad to see that the participants saw the value of this program although in a much shorter time than usual. They seemed to be inspired and curious to explore IDGs even further and even implement them on a professional level.

What's Next?

We have been blown away by the great feedback that we received on these two events. That is why we have decided to carefully curate a 2-day ESCAPE in the beautiful village of Dhermi, combined with the IDG method. As always,  Åsa will help all participants reach maximum learning through an interactive combination of lectures, exercises, meditation, and bonding. This ESCAPE will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June.

What's Included in the Program?

  • Accommodation at Zoe Hora, a luxury boutique hotel in Dhermi village.
  • Outdoor infinity pool with a view
  • Fine dining
  • Old town apartment
  • Beach nearby
  • Wine tasting at the end of the first day

So, don’t miss your chance to join us on the 1st-2nd of June!