As you may know, it is a leader’s responsibility to provide structure and guidance in the workplace. However, fostering internal motivation can be a real struggle. Therefore, this time we are presenting you with three ways to keep your team motivated and engaged.

1. Listen

Take the time to listen to your employees’ perspectives so that they know they are valued. Acknowledge their achievements and look for their feedback in case of any problems. In this way, you strengthen and encourage communication, as well as communicate that you care about your employees.

2. Hold employees accountable for achievable goals

Involve your employees in decisions where their input could be valuable. Asking for suggestions to optimize an ongoing process, for example, can help maximize a sense of empowerment, progress, and ownership.To demonstrate their mastery of a particular task or skill, ask an employee to explain to their colleagues what they’re working on or why they chose a particular strategy. Set up check-ins to regularly discuss progress on individual goals and create strategies to meet them.

3. Encourage Autonomy

Effective leaders foster internal motivation by empowering employees’ sense that they have the power to make choices that are aligned with their own values, goals, and interests, as well as their team’s. Leaders should encourage autonomy and be genuinely caring while also recognizing that each employee carries responsibilities for achieving team objectives.