At Network Tribe, not only do we appreciate our partners, but we also cherish those with whom we have created special bonds. One of those is Ms. Junida Katroshi-Tafaj, the former Training & Financial Education Coordinator at the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB). As she embarks on a new, exciting career chapter, together we decided to host a private gathering of the HR managers of all the main banks in Albania. This was a way to bring her colleagues together and also part ways as she becomes the new Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Economy.

Surprisingly, the gathering started on an emotional note. Ms. Katroshi-Tafaj made a speech about her time at AAB and her experience working with all those present at this gathering. She made sure to remind each of them of their values which was a beautiful and encouraging way to start the day.

Introducing IDGs to Banks in Albania

Ms. Katroshi-Tafaj wanted to present a training program to these banks one last time. Therefore, as a person who leads through values, she decided to bring our trainer ├ůsa Jarskog to present Inner Development Goals. She introduced this method that aims to work with science-based skills and qualities that help people live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. It was a great way to connect Ms. Katroshi-Tafaj with all the other HRs and to also remind them of the importance of these values. During the feedback session, all of them shared the values that they appreciated the most during their work with her.

As Network Tribe, we were glad to see this amazing correlation between the two occasions and the growing interest in IDGs. We believe that soon we will start to work on this program with some of the banks.

Lastly, we want to thank Ms. Juida Katroshi-Tafaj for her collaboration and continuous support of Network Tribe, as well as her great work as a leader. We wish her the best of luck in her new position!