On October 27-28, we conducted a tailor-made Design Thinking training at Raiffeisen Bank headquarters with Dr. Chris Archer-Brown. Raiffeisen Bank is one of the most well-known companies in our market for their investments in employee development and where learning is one of the core corporate values. We had 20 participants from different roles in the bank, such as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Customer Experience Experts, Transformation & Innovation experts,etc. The training aimed to help them implement the design thinking concept into their transformation journey as a bank.

What did the Design Thinking training consist of?

During this two-day workshop, the participants split into four teams. On the first day, they discussed the basics of design thinking such as identifying a problem, customer journeys, and mapping needs. Dr. Chris Archer-Brown also presented them with an inspiring case study which would help later on with their presentations.
On the second day, they had to put everything into practice and create a presentation. The main idea was to identify customer problems and find a creative way to solve them through bank products. All the teams were very focused and engaged throughout the whole process. As a result, they delivered four amazing presentations of their potential future products.

Training Takeaways

We were glad to see that the Design Thinking training with Raiffeisen Bank reached its expectations. Given the presented products, we can tell that exciting things are waiting ahead for them. In addition, the feedback from the participants was positive. All of them found something in this framework that could help them professionally.
As for Dr. Chris Archer-Brown, as always, he managed to challenge all the teams to bring out the best results from this training. The participant’s feedback on his Design Thinking method was also very positive.

Now, we are looking forward to more training and workshops with Raiffeisen Bank. Stay tuned for our future updates!

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