An important aspect that affects the overall work life is company culture. It refers to the behaviors, attitudes, values, mission, and ethics of a company and its employees. Most of the time the company culture is the result of several decisions made over time which dictate the expected outcomes and behaviors from employees. In other cases, this culture can be cultivated to bring the desired outcomes. Either way, having the right company culture can be extremely powerful when trying to create a functional work environment as it directly affects employee performance.

What factors can positively impact company culture?

Creating a positive work environment has proven to be beneficial for many companies as it increases employee retention, loyalty, and as a result productivity too.

First of all, it is important to create a sense of belonging and contribution for them. Employees tend to be more engaged and connected to their workplace if they have a purpose and can see that their contributions are valuable. Secondly, flexibility and independence are the keys to getting the job done. Over-controlling environments tend to become toxic and stressful resulting in employee burnout over time. Lastly, there should always be room to grow. By giving employees a chance to improve their knowledge, skills, and experience the company will tend to grow too. It is important for everyone’s career to continuously learn and develop.

How to set a culture that guarantees long-term success?

Setting the right company culture starts from the top levels of management. It is essential to create an environment that is beneficial for the individual and the collective as well. A company culture that inspires positivity and growth will be reflected in its employees and in its overall growth in the long term.