On 15-17 November, we completed the third and last phase of the Sales Training with Orion Construction. They are one of our most loyal partners, working with us since the very beginning and participating in most of our programs. That is because Orion has in its philosophy the investment in staff and customer service, therefore continued training is part of their company to ensure the professional and personal development of the team.

In one year, they have gone through all three phases of the Augustoni Method with one of our best trainers, Mr. Bruno Augustoni. The whole program was customized to their needs. In the first phase, they focused on canvassing and being open with the client, followed by a drill day and a refresher. The second phase focused on the offer and all the stages to present it to the customer. The last phase was focused on the rules for price negotiation with 7 steps from the Augustoni Method.

What did the last phase of the Sales Training with Orion Construction consist of?

The first day started with group work and feedback on the homework they received from the trainer before the start of the training. Next, they revised the reoffer. On the second day, the aim was to nail down the final decision stage and the last price offer. Each participant wrote down the things they could do better now compared to before the training. Then, they participated in an extensive role-play exercise, took notes on each other’s performance, and Mr. Augustoni gave his remarks based on the recordings. In the end, they created an action plan that they will implement in their sales strategy.

We were glad to be part of the completion of such a successful collaboration between Bruno Augustoni and Orion Construction. Stay tuned for our next updates!

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