This week we started the first event of the year with Twig. The London-based circular economy fintech startup is rapidly expanding internationally. Therefore, it was our mission to efficiently facilitate such an important event where all the leadership team got together to discuss their strategic planning for 2023. This was not our first event with Twig; they chose the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method this time. We cooperated with one of our world-class experts Dr. Chris Archer-Brown.

A glimpse of Twig’s off-site

Differently from other retreats that we have organized, this one concentrated on thorough work to implement their new strategic plan for 2023.

On the first day, the whole team met at Twig’s offices in Prishtine, Kosovo, and engaged in group work in order to gather feedback and decide on the OKRs from the bottom up. Their leadership team flew from London to Kosovo for this essential offsite event. Next, after getting this input, Twig’s leaders gathered to work in the quiet mountainous area of Brezovica, Kosovo. During the three days, they set the scene with a review of their 2022 followed by some intensive work to identify their top-level OKRs. It was a combination of group and individual tasks instructed by Chris. After a clear picture of their current state and what’s next, this off-site ended with a session on what processes they will use to implement this strategy planning method.

Why did they facilitate this program?

Since Twig is one of Europe’s fastest-growing startups, their work pace is very intensive. For that reason, it is important to make every meeting and gathering as efficient as possible to reach their ultimate goals. We were impressed that only in three days, they managed to decide on their OKRs. Despite having offered the OKR method to other companies, it was the first time that we saw such a fast implementation process.

At Network Tribe, we are proud to have organized such a crucial event for Twig’s strategic planning. We made sure that they could get the most out of this three-day off-site and we are positive that the OKR method will greatly impact their team.

Stay tuned for our future events!

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