In a world of digital distractions and information overload, it is easy to lose one of the most powerful business tools: Listening. Often we tend to confuse listening and hearing, and that is a major factor in productivity stagnation and error increase. So, how can you practice this essential tool and take the most benefits from it?  Listening can have numerous benefits, including making you popular, building your personal brand, and expanding your relationship network.

1. Listen with presence

Do not focus on the agenda you have in mind. Instead, you must listen with presence or participate in active listening. By doing this you will not only understand the other person but also build trust, empathize, and eventually develop solutions. So, shut out your distractions and tune in with the person you are having a conversation with.

2. Reflect what you are listening

In order to make the other person feel understood you can try paraphrasing what you heard. This tactic also helps clear up any confusion or uncertainty and ensures you that you have heard correctly.

3. Do not forget to ask specific questions

Besides paying full attention to the other person, an important part of understanding them is to ask insightful questions when you need them to e more specific After that make sure to carefully listen to their responses. In this way, you can connect the dots and do successful business.